Amritsari Mutton (Curry Paste)

Straight from Biji’s rasoi in Punjab’s food capital of Amritsar, the mutton curry masala is packed with flavour of whole spices that embody the region’s cuisine like no other. Add a few pieces of mutton, give it a good stir, and relish the true authentic and bold taste of the garam masala and jeera with juicy, tender meat.

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Chettinad Chukka (Curry Paste)

Originating from the aromatic woodfire kitchens of the Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu, the Chettinad Chukka is a dish that truly personifies the flavors of the famous cuisine. The aromatic indegenous kalpassi adds a kick of flavourful fragrance, giving the chukka it’s typical taste. Add any choice of protein, diced and sautéed in a dollop of ghee, and relish it with rice or parotta alike!

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Mangalorean Ghee Roast (Curry Paste)

Transport yourself straight to Kundapur with a deliciously rich, fiery red Mangalorean ghee roast curry. Made with a super delectable blend of Kashmiri and Guntur chillies, tamarind and whole spices.

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Kolkata Nolengur Kheer (Dessert Mix)

Enjoy this deliciously sweet kheer with the earthy flavour of Date Palm Jaggery ! Just cook the rice in some warm milk and after 20 minutes, stir in the nutty sweet sauce and you’re good to go!

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Moong Dal Halwa (Dessert Mix)

Born in the sandy landscapes of Rajasthan, Moong Dal Halwa is enjoyed as a warm dessert throughout the winter. A dollop of ghee, some roasted almonds to top it off, and this deliciously healthy dessert will leave you craving for more.

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Bengali Mustard Prawns (Curry Paste)

This truly authentic Bengali dish is powered by the distinct flavour and zing of mustard. This creamy curry paste gives you that perfect kick of spice balanced with a dash of poppy seeds.

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Goan Chicken Cafreal (Curry Paste)

When the Portuguese arrived in the shores of Goa, they brought a recipe that stuck around till this day. The chicken cafreal curry is now a bonafide Goan classic, infusing a strong coriander flavour with spices and a dash of lemon and tamarind.

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Mylapore Vathal Kozhambu (Curry Paste)

The crunchy and aromatic vathals are further enhanced by a dash of tangy tamarind, giving you a gravy that’s absolutely distinct and sweet n sour in nature. For Mylapore citizens, Vathal Kozhambu is more than just a dish, it’s an emotion. Our vathal kozhambu comes with Manathakali Vathal from the heartland of Tamilnadu. This is an excellent way to boost wellness while gorging on a deliciously tangy gravy.

Punjabi Aloo Launji (Curry Paste)

This classic Homestyle Punjabi masala was crafted in our Nani’s kitchen and has the perfect balance of spice and sourness. The traditional recipe has all the authentic Punjabi ingredients, with bayleaf, coriander, chilli, turmeric and black pepper all making an appearance. When something comes from the colourful vibrant kitchens of Punjab, you know it’s got grandma’s magical touch all over it!

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A clash of interesting ingredients like anar dana and amchur culminating in a flavour that's truly out of this world, this chole truly embodies the multicultural and vibrant spirit of the city. A rich, dark gravy that's quintessentially Dilli!

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