Tasty curry paste online

Here’s a tale of adventure.

Where you try out a new dish, in the comfort of your own kitchen. Meet a slew of mysterious spices and ingredients. And discover a motherlode of flavours. And unlike most adventures, there’s no real suspense about how it turns out… Just perfect. So you can enjoy the process, add your own unique touches, and come up with a brilliant new dish… in minutes. At Tasty Tales, we know that the best adventures begin in the kitchen. So, we tracked down aunts, mothers, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers from all across India. Badgered them for every little detail of their favourite recipes. And packed the entire tale into a convenient, yummy pack that takes your home-cooking from regular to delicious.

Two new additions to the Tasty Tales family are there! Get your hands on our exclusive range of authentic curry pastes.
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That sounds like a tall story.

But it isn’t. You see, Tasty Tales is a marriage of two apparent opposites: the convenience of packaged food, with the authenticity and taste of home-made cooking.
Even today, most people believe that packaged food is chockful of added flavouring, colouring, and preservatives. Tasty Tales isn’t. We have 0% preservatives, and 100% great taste. So the pack you open contains nothing other than the all-natural spices and ingredients that you’d have blended – if only you knew the exact recipes and proportions, and had the time to spare.